Agreed Report May 2021

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Agreed Report on Board of Management Meeting 

Information discussed at Board of Management Meetings is of a confidential nature. At the end of each Board meeting, the Board will decide which matters may be reported.

Date of Board of Management Meeting: Wednesday 12th May 2021 via  Zoom

Information for reporting to parents, staff and the school community following meeting of the Board 

The Principal welcomed the Board to its first full meeting. The Board expressed its sympathies to the Principal following the recent death of her grandmother. 
The Chair spoke briefly on the recent AGM of Educate Together and referred to the discussions that took place around school admission policies and the inclusion of children with Learning Differences within the school community. The inclusion of Children’s Voices in further policy documents in KRCETNS will continue to be a key part of our ethos.
The Relationships and Behaviour Code of Practice was approved. 
The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Dr. Delma Byrne and approved by the Board. The Board expressed its thanks to Delma for her work on this.
Board members expressed their interest in contributing to a wide range of areas that will benefit the further development of the school into the future and the Chair expressed her thanks to all concerned.
The Principal’s Report was read in advance by the Board and was comprehensive and informative. 
Recent Correspondence from the Department of Education and the Educate Together was shared in advance of the meeting by the Chair.
Building updates will be discussed at greater length at the next Board meeting.
Health and Safety is reviewed on an ongoing basis and the recent inspection by the Department found that the school was fully Covid compliant.
The Parental Complaints Procedure and the Critical Incident Policy will be reviewed and ratified at next Board meeting.
An update was provided on the ongoing progress of the PGA and parental involvement was welcomed and supported by the Board.
The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, 26th of May at 7.15pm

Carmel Mulcahy:  Chairperson to the Board

13th May 2021

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