Agreed Report Board of Management Meeting October 2021

Agreed Report on Board of Management Meeting 

Information discussed at Board of Management Meetings is of a confidential nature. At the end of each Board meeting, the Board will decide which matters may be reported.

Date of Board of Management Meeting: Wednesday 20th October2021 via  Zoom

Information for reporting to parents, staff and the school community following meeting of the Board 

 Agenda and Minutes of  September meeting approved
Critical Incident Policy, Parental Complaint Procedure  approved
The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Dr. Delma Byrne and approved by the Board.
Principal’s Report included reference to proposed Fire Drill and delay in getting response from Alarm company, the arrival of student Play Therapist and student SNA on practicum placement in KRC after mid-term, replacement teacher for Siobhan’s Maternity leave and a proposal to change opening and closing times for the school by 10 minutes each day. Parents will be consulted to gauge response to this proposal.
Building updates: The Chair on behalf of the Board contacted Educate Together re further updates on our accommodation needs and to highlight our concerns around the provision of accommodation within our defined catchment area. Educate Together responded and assured the Board that they are working with the DES but to date they have not been informed of any specific premises to house our school. Contact will now be made with the City Councillors in the Clontarf Ward to ascertain if there is any further news with regard to our proposed location. A question was also tabled with the Education Minister by Aodhan O’Riordan. The response did not provide any new information.
Discussion is still ongoing around the provision of a number of extra curricular activities for the children. Some progress has been made in relation to Rugby.
The Board wishes the entire school community a Happy Halloween.
The next Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 8th of  December at 7.15pm

Carmel Mulcahy:  Chairperson to the Board

October 21st 2021

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