Agreed Report Board of Management Meeting September 2021

Agreed Report on Board of Management Meeting 

Information discussed at Board of Management Meetings is of a confidential nature. At the end of each Board meeting, the Board will decide which matters may be reported.

Date of Board of Management Meeting: Wednesday 22nd September 2021 via  Zoom

Information for reporting to parents, staff and the school community following meeting of the Board 

 Agenda and Minutes of June meeting approved
Critical Incident Policy, RSE Policy and Parental Complaint Procedure ready for ratification
The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Dr. Delma Byrne and approved by the Board.
The Board recorded its thanks to Acting Principal Siobhan and the staff for the smooth re-opening of the school and the safe return to school for all our children
Correspondence relating to ongoing accommodation for the school was presented to the Board and an agreed response  was drafted.
Building updates: The Chair on behalf of the Board will contact the CEO of Educate Together to get any further updates on our accommodation needs and to highlight our concerns around the provision of accommodation within our defined catchment area.
The entire school community was thanked for its excellent response to safety concerns around nuts and eggs in school lunches.
Discussion is ongoing around the provision of a number of extra curricular activities for the children.
A Fire Drill will take place during this term.
The next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, 20th of  October at 7.15pm

Carmel Mulcahy:  Chairperson to the Board

September 28th  2021

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