School Ethos and Values

As we begin our second year, we are aiming to grow a Restorative School while continuing to embed the Educate Together Ethos. We are working closely with Michelle Stowe from this year and we are engaging in the UbuntuLearning Platform Online.

UbuntuLearning is supporting us as individuals and as a school community in our capacity and commitment to Restorative Practice. Our engagement is enhancing our understanding, reflection and guided practice to cultivate and create a relational learning community; to enhance relationships, communication and wellbeing at school and beyond!

Our Core Values – FRIENDS and Restorative Practice

Killester Raheny Clontarf ETNS is also guided by the philosophy of Restorative Practice (RP) which focuses
on the building, maintaining and repairing of relationships. We believe that in collaborating together we can all achieve our full potential in learning and in life. It is crucial that we, as a school community, have a literacy around our core values so that we can model best practice, cultivate a positive school culture and promote them in our daily interactions with each other:

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Our Patron

Killester Raheny Clontarf Educate Together National School is under the patronage of Educate Together.

Like many other schools in Ireland, Educate Together schools are state-funded and teach the National Curriculum. They are non-fee-paying schools and are open to students of all backgrounds. They are co-educational and have no school uniforms.

Educate Together schools work hard to instil a sense of equality and justice in students. They embrace the input of parents, students, staff and the wider community to improve the school in every way possible. They are committed to enabling students to achieve their full potential. All students are encouraged to explore their full range of abilities and are provided with equal opportunities regardless of their identity. Educate Together schools put students at the heart of all policies and practices. All children have equal access to school and no one religion or worldview is given priority over another in Educate Together schools.

Our Ethos

Killester Raheny Clontarf Educate Together N.S, like all Educate Together schools in the Republic of Ireland, is founded on four core principles:


All children have equal access to the school and no one religion or worldview is given priority over another within the school.


All children are encouraged to explore their full range of abilities and are provided with equal opportunities regardless of their gender or identity.


Our child-centred approach means that we put children at the heart of all policies and practices and involve them in decision-making where appropriate.


Our school is run on a democratic basis, encouraging active participation by parents and students in the daily life of the school whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers.

Ethical Education – Learn Together Curriculum

Ethical Education is a key component of the Educate Together model. Ethical Education focuses on questions of equality, justice, sustainability and active citizenship. Educate Together primary schools like Killester Raheny Clontarf ETNS teach the Ethical Education curriculum, Learn Together, as an independent subject. This curriculum is designed to support children’s moral and spiritual development and teach children about different belief systems. They also learn about democracy, human rights and stewardship of our environment.  This curriculum has been developed over 35 years in Irish primary schools and is an important part of making Educate Together schools welcoming and inclusive. 

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